Divine Reflections in Times and Seasons

Divine Reflections in Times and SeasonsDivine Reflections in Times and Seasons deals with Christian spirituality and religious aspects of nature. It explores how everyday phenomena mirror spiritual realities. Readers are encouraged to take a fresh and deeper look at the world around them and try to notice footprints of the divine in such things as sunrise, sunset, phases of the moon, and passage of seasons.Divine Reflections1-Kindle

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See a video trailer for the Divine Reflections trilogy.

Readers’ Comments 

I have finished reading the book Divine Reflections in Times and Seasons and have to say that it is excellent. I have found it educational, informative and at the same time easy to read. Each time I read one of your books, I am amazed at your knowledge. I have learned many interesting things and have also appreciated the spiritual side of the book. A book like this can be reread over and over.
Liba H., Capalaba, Australia

The section on paradise restored inspired me. Rather than nostalgically looking back to “the good old days”, you point the reader to a vision of a glorious future. I note that you also acknowledge variety within Christianity saying “many faith-related issues can be understood in more than one way.” … Thanks for the great read!
Richard P., London, UK

The book, Divine Reflections in Times and Seasons, which “connects nature with spirituality” is a very easy and relaxing read for all, even people who regard themselves as “non-religious.”

Eva takes the familiar in nature and time and compares it to spiritual realities with an abundance of scriptural references as footnotes. The small book can be comfortably read in one or two sittings, and the footnotes do not detract from the text.

Reading the book made me more reflective on the times and seasons going on around us every day. Eva weaves together the world of nature, astronomy and even the rise and fall of empires to illustrate the hand of God in time.
Nicholas P., Victoria, Australia

Thank you kindly for your book series Divine Reflections. I have skimmed through the previews and think that the books [Divine Reflections trilogy] are indeed wonderful. I think that your work and words will be an inspiration to the many people that need them in this difficult world in which we are living. You have the experience, knowledge, ability and the spiritual background to reach out to people to give them hope. Well done!
Pauline G., Cairo, Egypt

Regarding your book, Divine Reflections in Times and Seasons, your style of writing is very readable and sympathetic, and the way you reflect on the beauties of nature is lovely. Your message and discussion is soft and gentle and makes the reader feel God’s love.
Margaret S., Thornlands, Australia

I found your book to be a blend of the cosmic Christ you have discovered in nature and the deep-rooted “word” which is imprinted in your heart.
Sadie M., Thornlands, Australia

The reflections on God’s creation were delightful – it is so true, as the Bible tells us in Romans, that we can see the proof of the Creator in His handiwork all around us.
Jan H., Mittagong, Australia

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