Pathway Publishing Websites

With the intent of making available edifying and helpful information together with inspiration for the heart and spirit, Pathway Publishing hosts several websites created by Eva Peck and her husband, Alex. Pathway Publishing websites include:

Truth & Beauty

The site seeks to capture what is true and lovely. With the aim to help readers appreciate the nature of reality, it deals with practical and spiritual aspects of life. To uplift and edify, it presents beautiful nature images as well as heart-warming stories.

Spirituality for Life

The site shares information about spirituality that is instructive and helpful with the aim of presenting a practical spirituality to enhance life’s journey and to help fulfill one’s divine destiny.

Universal Spirituality 

This website shares practical, edifying, as well as thought-provoking spiritual information to help visitors on their spiritual journey. As the name implies, the information may span several faith traditions, in each case gleaning what is universally applicable to humankind as a whole. Prominent spiritual writers have in recent years recognized how the wisdom of ancient ancestors as well as indigenous cultures, rejected by science and established western thinking, can provide breathtaking insights that are ironically only now being confirmed by science.

Jindrich (Henry) Degen: Artist

The site features the artwork, digital photography, and poetry of Jindrich (Henry) Degen – Eva’s father – who in the 1960s emigrated from the then Czechoslovakia and has made Australia his home. The art, photography and poetry are also available in book form under the following titles:

Eva has just begun two blogs as follows. Feel free to check them out and subscribe.

Abundant Living on Small Income

This is a genesis for an upcoming book, which will feature experience-based practical tips on money management and making money stretch, as well as giving some higher principles for happy living.

Divine Reflections

This blog will parallel the trilogy Divine Reflections and add additional insights.

Feel free to leave a comment on any of the above websites or under Contact on this website.

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